Barefoot in the Park

Spring 1970

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Barefoot In The Park - by Neil Simon
Performed - Wed 18th to Sat 21st March 1970 at Blackfriars Theatre

This romantic comedy focuses on newlyweds, Corrie and Paul, as they begin married life in a tiny 5th floor walk-up apartment in a mid-Manhattan brownstone. Paul is a strait-laced attorney, Corrie a far more spontaneous free spirit. The young couple must contend with a lack of heat, a skylight that leaks snow, several long flights of stairs, oddball neighbour Victor Velasco, and Corrie's well-meaning mother. Adjusting to married life isn’t so easy! The first act of Barefoot dramatises a making of a new life, and its second builds to a near-breakup of the marriage.


In order of appearance. Actors names on right:

Corrie Bratter - Catherine Moulder
Telephone Man - John Gould
Delivery Man - Peter Hall
Paul Bratter - John Hill
Mrs Banks - Ann Savage
Victor Velasco - Alec Gibbs

Production Team

Producer - Joy Hensman
Stage Manager - Philip Enderby
Set Design - John Cammack
Set Construction - John Cammack, Cecil Matson, Arthur Everitt, Jeff Ashberry, Kevin Marriott, David Hill, John Gould, Noel Morgan, Alec Gibbs, David Gibbs, Robert Forbes
Decor - Alec Harvey, Frank Brooks
Properties - Bess Berry, Christine Duthoit, Lynn Jenkinson
Lighting - Lawrence Whitfield
Sound - David Hill
Prompter - Meg Comer
Publicity - Pat & Jeff Ashberry
Window Displays - Co-Op Building Society, Shoefayre
House Management - Lyn & A. B. Stephenson