Being of Sound Mind

February 2009

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Being of Sound Mind - by Brian J. Burton
Performed - Wed 11th Feb to Sat 14th February 2009

This is a story about obsession, betrayal and greed. Set in the late 1920s in an era that mirrors our own time, high living and reckless spending would lead to financial disaster. Against this backdrop our story unfolds...

John and Susan have escaped from the bustle of their daily lives, seeking solitude and rest in their favourite little French hideaway. All is set for a peaceful holiday, then comes a knock on the door. A stranger enters and nothing will ever be quite the same again! Is anyone who they say they are? Who can be trusted? Just as you get your teeth into the story...Can there be another twist in the tale?

Playgoers take you to brink with sound effort
A WOMAN recovering from a miscarriage pushed to the brink of madness... it's not your average Boston Playgoers production.

The jokes are on hold in the amateur group's latest project-an adaption of Brian J Burton's tale of obsession deceit and greed, Being of Sound Mind.

It's a refreshing change of tone for the troupe, confidently handled by directors Liz Worsley and Mike Sheriden-Shinn.

Kathryn Walker is Susan, the woman on the verge of losing her mind. A tall order, but Walker comes across as suitably fragile. She also packs a fair scream.

Danny Chester-Bush is a joy as John, the doting husband. Doting, impatient, patronising or sinister, he excels.

And there is able support from Liz Fenton, Bob Green and Rachel Rowett.

A repetitive script labours over some sections, but otherwise this is a successful venture into darker waters for playgoers. 
David Seymour, Boston Standard

I found this to be a really fascinating play about obsession, betrayal and greed, acted out by a cast who all acquitted themselves competently and convincingly on a set that had received much attention to detail. I was very impressed with the pump over the kitchen sink that produced flowing water and the flame effect of the stove oven when lit. A well-organised stage crew who even remembered to alter the clock ably supported the players. The partnership between Liz and Mike proved very effective with their combined direction producing some well-developed characters and precisely executed moves on stage. This was riveting stuff with the many twists in the plot keeping the audience guessing; an inspired choice of play that provided good entertainment. 
Peter Breach, NODA - Feb 2009

Actors names on right:

Susan Pearson - Kathryn Walker
John Pearson - Daniel Chester Bush 
Mrs March - Liz Fenton 
A Man - Bob Green
Judy Farmer - Rachel Rowett

Production Team

Director - Liz Worsley / Mike Sheridan Shinn
Producer - Glyn Ruskin
Stage Manager - Melissa Marlowe
Set Design - Liz Worsley / Mike Sheridan Shinn
Set Construction - The cast and members of Playgoers
Stage Crew - Eva and Wayne
Costume - 
Properties - Liz Worsley / Mike Sheridan Shinn
Lighting & Sound - John Knight
Poster - Liz Worsley
Publicity - Kate Eglinton / Jon Molson