Fawlty Towers

October 2006

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Fawlty Towers - by John Cleese & Connie Booth
Performed - Tues 17th to Sat 21st October 2006 at Blackfriars Theatre

As one of the best-known and most loved series from the halcyon days of British comedy, this achingly funny new production of Fawlty Towers brings to life the irrascible Basil, the Torquay hotel owner, with his over-coiffeured, domineering wife Sybil, the hopeless but ever-hopeful Manuel and the calm and capable Polly. Not forgetting of course the steady stream of abused guests including the slightly senile Major Gowen and the two hard of hearing old dears the Misses Tibbs and Gatsby.

John Cleese's inspiration came from the "wonderfully rude" hotel owner in Torquay whilst the Monty Python team were filming in Devon. The series was co-written with his then wife, Connie Booth who played the part of Polly in the TV series.

Welcome to the most unusual hotel in town...Fawlty Towers
Boston Playgoers are offering a week at one of the best known hotels. A psyched up husband-and-wife team. Staff willing to jump to your every whim, and a trio of regular guests craving a friendly smile... sane or otherwise. Booking in? 

Last night I was propelled back to the seventies. Praise richly deserved for this first night cast as they cleverly lured me into the foyer of one of the most famous hotels in the world. The central characters truly recognisable and alive created an atmosphere which isn't always easy to do. In-fact I was almost up for booking a room.

Three months of rehearsals, and Basil was born again in (David Edgar) I don't think I have quite seen someone take on board a character's mannerisms as David did and leave you convinced that John Cleese might just have sneaked in when no-one was looking. However for me (Jon Molson) Mr Hutchingson in 'The Hotel Inspector' stole my vote. He was Bernard Cribbins, in action, and accent and I must say even the way he wore his suit!

In-fact it must be said the whole cast portrayed such a professional explosion that I feel almost criminal that I can't mention each and everyone individually. That includes the production and backstage staff.

Paul Gibson, Director, I'm told prefers to be behind the scenes. I did spot him for a few moments in the 'Hotel Inspector' a little like the late great Alfred Hitchcock... (Me thinks). A bit part in front of the lights but a terrific asset with his BBC background behind the scenes.

Don't miss this chance to see a very funny and lively comedy. Boston playgoers have a distinct knack for bringing small screen comedy classics to the stage. This production of Fawlty Towers is no exception. Whatever it was that stole our hearts once Boston playgoers can and will steal those hearts again.

June Atkins, BBC Radio Lincs 18/10/2006

Actors names on right:

The Residents:
Basil Fawlty - David Edgar
Sybil Fawlty - Judy Mugleston
Manuel - Carl Reece
Polly Shearman - Melanie Clark
Major Gowen - John Lingard
Miss Gatsby - Gail Neale
Miss Tibbs - Ros Blowers

A Touch of Class:
Lord Melbury - Stuart Farrar
Danny Brown - Phil Landshoft
Sir Richard Morris - John Richards
Lady Morris - Lucy Taylor
Mr Mackenzie - David Seymour
Mrs Mackenzie - Claire White
Mr Wareing - Stuart Worsley
Mr Watson - Jon Molson
Paper Boy - Aubrey Worsley

The Hotel Inspectors:
Mr Hutchison - Jon Molson
Mr Walt - Neil Harvey
Hotel Inspectors: Paul Gibson, Trevor Fenton, Stuart Worsley, Patrick Hall

Waldorf Salad
Terry the Chef - Adam Priestley
Mr Harry Hamilton - Trevor Fenton
Mrs Hamilton - Sheila Millington
Mr Arrad - Stuart Worsley
Mrs Arrad - Lucy Taylor
Mr Johnston - Neil Harvey
Mrs Johnston - Nikki Otto
Mr Libson - Phil Landshoft

Production Team

Director - Paul Gibson
Producer - Lucy Taylor
Stage Manager - Suzanne Lynch
Set Design - Paul Gibson
Set Construction - Paul Gibson and members of playgoers
Stage Crew - Claire White
Costume - Glyn Ruskin, Liz Worsley
Furniture & Properties - Paul Gibson, Liz Worsley
Lighting - Paul Gibson
Sound - Paul Gibson
Poster - Paul Gibson
Programme - Patrick Hall
Make Up - Molly Barrett
Prompt - Lucy Taylor