Xmas 1978

Cinderella - by Betty Astell
Performed -  Christmas 1978 at Blackfriars Theatre



In order of appearance, actors names on right:

Grandfather - Bill White
Children - Julie Storr, Suzanne Willcox, Andrew Bachelor
Baron Hardup - Jim Mannering
Frankenstena (Ugly Sister) - John Chambers
Draquella (Ugly Sister) - Chris Lines
Cough-Up (Broker's Man) - John Gould
Sneeze (Broker's Man) - Jonathan Clarke
Buttons - Peter Leafe
Cinderella - Kate Scotney
Fairy Godmother - Lesley Virr
Dandini - Priscilla Langstaff
Prince - Mollie Barrett
Footman - Chris Jameson
Major Domo - Richard Barrett
Ghost  - David Quincey
Chorus - Susannah Burns, Sally Dunnett, Francis King, Kate King, Janice Redman, Dianne Ruskin, Julie Storr, Suzanne Willcox, Andrew Bachelor, Ben Dunnett, Mark Dunn, Noel Pulford, Carl Thornton, Bill White

Production Team

Producers - Kevin Marriott & Dorothy Quincey
Musical Director - Yvonne Clark
Stage Manager - John Forrest
Set Construction - John Forrest, John Binks, Stephen Grist, Mike Barker, Sue Cameron, Harold White
Backcloth Design & Painting - Helen Webber & John Gray
Wardrobe Director & Costumes - Mollie Barrett, assisted by Jean & Frances King
Properties - Betty Lovell
Lighting - Carl Reece
Sound - John Binks
Choreography - Alex Blades
Wigs by - 'Georgina'
Front of House - Mary Grist, Ann & Dick Cartwright, Nico Lovell, Sue Cameron