Waters of the Moon

Autumn 1977

Waters of the Moon - by N. C. Hunter
Performed -  Autumn 1977 at Blackfriars Theatre

Waters of the Moon is a gently comic look at class, culture and retirement in the 1950s. In a modest hotel on Dartmoor a group of men and women are seeing out their retirement days in the country. Their tired routines are thrown into disarray with the unexpected arrival of Mr and Mrs Lancaster and their daughter, whose car has broken down on the way to a New Year’s Party. As the storm worsens and time ticks on, the forced pleasantries are soon under strain and the effects of the visitors begin to take their toll.


In order of appearance. Actors names on right:

John Daly - Kevin Marriott
Evelyn Daly (his sister) - Corrine Ransom
Mrs Whyte - Joy Hensman
Colonel Selby - Stephen J. Grist
Mrs Daly - Liz Barnes
Mrs Ashworth - Anne Cartwright
Julius Winterhalter - Mike Lewis
Helen Lancaster - Betty Lovell
Tonetta Landi (her daughter) - Priscilla Langstaff
Robert Lancaster - Richard Barrett

Production Team

Producer - Kenneth Lancaster
Stage Manager - John Forrest
Set Design - John Cammack
Set Construction - Geoff Ashberry, John Binks, Alastair Coates, Gerald Crawshaw, Arthur Doughty, Steve Ellis, John Gould, Nico Lovell, Leigh Lovell, Jenny Rainish, Ann Smith, John Chambers and Harold White.
Costume - Blackfriars Theatre Wardrobe
Properties - Susan Cash
Lighting - Carl Reece
Sound - John Binks
Prompter - Ann Hughes
Front of House - John & Irene Stewart